How to Transform Student Learning with the iPad

This is the big question that every school, college and teacher has asked in the past few years. Tablets, by many, have been hailed as the biggest educational breakthrough since the printing press, but 6 years since the launch of the original iPad why has so little in education changed? Having worked on over 20 1:1 iPad projects and hundreds more schools using iPad, I've found what works, what doesn't work, and how you can start transforming student learning with the iPad at your institution.


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I wrote this book with the simple aim of sharing as much of my expertise in one place to help as many teachers as possible.

The book will be self published and there will be no big marketing fund to advertise it. It's a complete grass roots effort and that's where I'll need your help! 

I'm looking to create a book launch team - a network of passionate individuals within education who can help spread the word. If this sounds like you then pop your details in the form and I'll invite you to a private, super secret Facebook launch team group! Perks include:

  • Enjoying a free pre-release copy of The Tablet Revolution book
  • Giving your honest feedback, picking out what you liked and disliked. 
  • Spreading the word however you can come launch day! It would be amazing to break into Amazon's Top 10 Education books list for that week but I can't do it alone.

Overall there would be nothing better for me than launching this book with the support of the people I've written it for. I hope to see you on the launch team.

Digital Regards,

Jay Ashcroft 

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