Schools and colleges who transform learning with technology are not 10x smarter, 10x more experienced or 10x better funded.

Instead it's what they do in the five key areas that determine success more than any other measure. These five key areas are: 

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The 5 Steps to Success



The degree to which you can improve learning starts with the content in your classrooms. The first question should always be, "How is technology adding to this lesson?" In most classrooms the answer is that it isn't, as many lessons are filled with passive learning that are don't aid or support activities beyond the pen and paper ones they have replaced. Learn how to 



How is technology supporting and supplementing your current curriculum, and what opportunities are there to improve it further? Many schools rely on off-the-shelf schemes of work and lesson plans, but these don't take into account any of your own school's strengths, weaknesses or opportunities. Learn where technology can begin developing your curriculum and begin to excel.



The biggest challenge currently is for teachers to stay on top of student assessment. In many instances students are not receiving feedback on their work for 2-3 weeks due to bloated and long winded marking procedures. This leads to a situation where feedback can become ineffective as it loses it's relevancy. Relevancy is key in any feedback process because the faster and richer the process, the more beneficial it becomes to the learner.



The skill, confidence and culture of your teaching staff is what ultimately defines whether your school excels or fails. Technology is only a tool in the hands of a teacher, the better trained and developed your teachers are then the better technology can be used to further learning. Do teachers have a clear development journey? Are you setting milestones? Are you recognising excellence and rewarding it?



The most successful schools think and plan long term, going well beyond the current academic year. Few schools can afford to buy all the technology they want in one go, which makes it vital why you should have a 3-5 year ICT plan at yours. Is your wireless network capable of supporting the devices you require? Do teachers have and understand a content storage workflow in place? How will students save and send work on devices? Having the right infrastructure in place is vital.

If you look closely you will see all successful technology led schools applying this approach to transform their institutes. It doesn't take huge finances, it doesn't take luck, it doesn't even take hard work. It just takes focus on the areas that matter the most.


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Improvement Programme

We become part of your team, working closely with your institution and staff for anywhere between 3 months right up to 3 years, developing each and every element of the LearnMaker Framework to it's fullest potential with you. Taking this long term approach enables schools, colleges and other education organisations to significantly outperform expectations and national averages. On completion of the LearnMaker programme you will not only have a much better understanding and mastery in each of the 5 areas, but you will also have a long term plan in place that ensures you continue your trajectory onwards and upwards. The programme isn't about buying the latest and greatest technology to achieve improvements. It's about using what you have available, stripping back what's not important and focusing on what makes the difference. Any school, college or education organisation can take part in that and begin achieving the outcomes they desire.

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Impact Projects

Many times one particular area in the LearnMaker Framework has been identified and targeted for improvement within a school or college. This could be due to underperformance, a recent review or audit, or simply as a continual process of improvement. The common theme is that there needs to be a high impact in a short space of time. Understanding this we've produced a series of Impact Projects that transform one area from the Framework in just 5 days. Past projects have included; delivering cutting edge primary Classroom Content with an app development project, transforming a GCSE Maths department through Improving Assessment to increase student engagement by 98%, and in-depth Curriculum Development with some of the UK's highest achieving independent schools. The success of our Impact Projects has been recognised nationally by Naace, receiving nominations across both the primary and secondary categories for the Naace Impact 2016 Awards, the most prestigious educational technology awards in the UK. 


More technology confident, efficient and happy teachers

Developed and exciting schemes of work and subject curriculums

Deeper and richer assessment processes that better engage students

Clear long term vision & plan

More engaging and student centred lesson content

National recognition for improving learning through ICT

Easier, simpler and better time saving uses of technology

Inspired and excited students