The one thing all school leaders are missing about tech

The one thing all school leaders are missing about tech

Time. The most precious resource in any institute. Teachers are chronically starved of time, and this is where everything goes wrong. Want to improve results in English? That’s going to take time.

Want to narrow the gap between students? You’ll need to invest some time into that too. Just about anything that creates progression, development and improvement requires time. This is the reason only a handful of people are world class athletes, renowned musicians or just at the top of the game in their chosen field. 

“Let’s buy this high-tech solution to improve those English results and narrow the gap between students. Afterall, when I visited the company’s stand at the trade show they said it’ll do all those things anyway and more!”

I have some bad news… this approach requires time too! Silver bullets don’t exist and putting technology into your school without a clear vision is only adding an additional layer to whatever existing problem you’re trying to solve.

Use technology to create more time in your institute by targeting the areas that drain the most of it. Administration, paperwork and marking can all be transformed at relatively low costs with the likes of Google Apps for Education or others. 

Only then will you see what you’ve been missing all along.