The secret recipe: Teachers first, students second

The secret recipe: Teachers first, students second

“Put your employees first, customers second, and shareholders third”
— Richard Branson

It’s a recipe for success that schools could easily follow. 

“Put your teachers first, students second, and Ofsted third”

If you look after your teachers, they will naturally look after your students and that in turn will look after Ofsted. 

In most cases school’s put students first. Then Ofsted and finally teachers. This is a bad setup for all the obvious reasons, and for a glaring one that is flying under the radar: technology. 

Technology at the moment is inevitably always focused on student improvement, engagement or involvement, and this puts ever increasing pressure on teachers. Tech has overburdened many classrooms through the sheer choice and options it presents. 

No one ever became a great chef by trying to learn 100 recipes on day 1. Neither did giving them 100 cooking utensils to use help. It’s the same for teachers. 100 new apps, download worksheets and activities didn’t make a great teacher. Neither did giving them multiple platforms, tablets, laptops and systems to work on. 

It only overwhelmed them.