The VLE is dead. Embrace social media

The VLE is dead. Embrace social media


“It’s really engaging and fun for the students to use,” said the College technologist referring to their Moodle Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) system.


When was the last time anyone checked this? Have you surveyed your students recently? The world went social a long time ago now. Young people consume their content through Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Reddit, Medium, Musicaly and Twitter. The first rule of content distribution is to place the content where your viewers hang out. Let’s imagine you’re selling your award winning sausages you’ve been working so hard on. You can sell them in one of two place. The first is the local Vegan shop, the second is your county’s annual sausage festival. The decision is easy here, you go where your target market is. Yet why is this ignored when it comes to education? Asking students to use a VLE system is similar to selling sausages in a vegan shop. You may sell a few sausages that way by chance and walk ins, but you certainly aren’t going to sell as many as you will at the sausage festival. Your VLE is the vegan shop and social media is sausage festival!


The VLE has been dead for a very long time. The problem is no one in education seems to have taken notice.


Worse still education institutes are ploughing thousands, if not tens of thousands of pounds to run these systems when there’s perfect good, if not better alternatives available for FREE!


House all your content in Google Apps for Education and YouTube. If you want to go even more in-depth create custom courses on Udemy. Then engage with students via social media! All of these resources are free, and it’s where all of your students hang out online.

You’ll not only see a huge spike in student engagement, you’ll also save thousands of pounds in the process!